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Dec 242013


WestSide Music is lucky to have such great customers!

Because of all of you, it has been an absolute pleasure to be in business and be a part of the music community in Hawaii. We humbly ask that you accept our gratitude for your patronage, friendship and music over the last 2+years. Happy Holidays!


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Jun 242013

Blues Guitar Workshop!  Taught by Michael Fletcher – A.K.A “Mr. Boogie”


Workshop #1 – Country Blues

  • Delta Blues Styles from the Mississippi Delta: John Hurt,
    Sam Chatmon, Robert Johnson + Bottleneck Basics
  • Texas Blues From Mance Lipscomb to Lightnin’ Hopkins
    plus Blind Lemon Jefferson. Basic use of a drone bass
  • RagTime Blues Ideas from Blind Boy Fuller, Gary Davis

Workshop #2…..Electric Blues

  • Early Electric Styles from Chicago Chess artists from
    Muddy Waters to Robt. Jr. Lockwood + some boogie
  • Modern Urban Styles Starting with T-Bone Walker, use
    of modern chords: (minor 7ths, diminished and half-
    diminished 9ths etc.) jazz crossovers and how they fit into
    today’s styles.


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Feb 262013

Friends! The WestSide Music Buy & Sell Event is on again! Please check out the flyer posted for info and contact me if you’re interested in obtaining a spot. Payment required in advance, please. Looking forward to rocking it again!


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Feb 262013

What a nice way to start a day. John Rapoza stopped by to talk story, talk music, and talk about how wonderfully blessed his life is.


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